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Don't be afraid of art - is the attitude to life of Nicole Doth, born in April 1995, which is ''reflected'' in all her designs. Literally. Early design: Growing up in a family of artists and furniture manufacturers in southern Germany with her own carpenter's workshop, interior design office and the registered furniture brand MÜNCH Furniture Design, she also embarked on the path of craft ART at an early age.


Doth has already made a name for herself in the design & art scene as a young master furniture carpenter & designer. She skilfully combines/stages fragile materials, exciting high-quality surfaces with well thought-out constructions and moves in sculptural spheres with her three-dimensional elements.

Building on a masterly education, she loves the challenge of staging things that have never existed before, both technically and artistically. Your objects have the right to be shown to their best advantage in 360°, like a sculpture. In addition, they also have a high artistic standard. Many are also collectors of their artworks.

Their objects also have the claim to be shown off to their best advantage in 360°, like a sculpture. In addition, they also have a high artistic standard.
Viele sind auch Sammler ihrer Kunstwerke.


The great demand for her work, which shines through individuality and authenticity, shows that Nicole Doth is also in tune with the times. It is therefore legitimate for each of us to represent our own reflection in life and lifestyle. With her objects, she calls out encouragingly to "Be YOURSELF - be yourself". No matter what others say or think about you and your "taste", set yourself free and live your "style" - the way you like it. ART TO BE.

Im Showroom – ART DESIGN GALLERY – im schönen Süddeutschland kann man sich von Ihren Kunstwerken begeistern und dem hohen Qualitätsanspruch überzeugen lassen. 

pARTicular ART

Under "Artists in residence", the artist_"master" also works together with creative people of different genres selected by her and thus creates unique art objects - across all genres.

"Don't be afraid of art - don't be afraid of art." is the motto of nicole doth

Wer maßt sich an zu bestimmen, was Kunst ist? Was Design ist…und was nicht? Nicole Doth stellt sich nicht der Diskussion. Sie trennt nicht; sie fügt gekonnt zusammen, was nicht getrennt werden muss. Die Kreationen der Künstlerin_Designerin_ Schreiner-Meisterin haben den Anspruch, im 360° Design rundum zur Geltung zu kommen – gleich einer Skulptur! Nicole Doth verbindet ihr handwerkliches Können mit einem künstlerischen Blickwinkel, ergänzt „form follows functions“ zu „form follows function & emotion“ und überzeugt mit „FUNKTIONALER KUNST“.
Als Meisterin der HandwerksKUNST bedient sie sich all ihrer Möglichkeiten und geht dabei grenzüberschreitende neue Wege. Sie begeistert, provoziert, hinterfragt, regt zum Nachdenken an und sucht den Dialog sowohl in und mit der Kunst, als auch mit uns Menschen.
Das Arbeitsgebiet des Multitalents geht von Functional Art, Fotografie und Performance bis hin zu digitaler Kunst/NFTs.



Mirror, mirror on the...

After the master has already made a name for herself in the design and art scene with her Masterpiece 3² - a lowboard made of solid wood and Corian - she now uses the filigree element of the mirror in the Mirror, mirror on the... collection. Among other things, there are tables, coffee tables, beds, night consoles, sofas, chairs, kitchens, etc., as well as entire mirror room installations (walls). Translated with (free version)

Your objects can be integrated well, no matter what style the customer lives in. After all, the furnishing style is often a mirror of ourselves and our soul.

Egal, ob es dabei um einzelne Designs oder um individuell gestaltete komplette Raumkonzepte in der innenarchitektonischen Planung für Privat- und Geschäftsbereich geht. Selbst bestimmt kann der Kunde in der Manufaktur/Atelier von Nicole Doth seine Wünsche und Vorstellungen erfüllen lassen. Oder er lässt sich durch die Künstlerin “inspirieren” und beraten. 

Dialogue and exchange with people is also important to the master. Her art objects invite conversation. By listening, Doth is able to realise the visions of her counterpart - regardless of whether it corresponds to her own taste or that of another.

With her mirror collection, Nicole Doth not only stages individual works of art, but also room installations are her metier. And since nature and the environment are also part of the space, she immortalises her hand-signed unique pieces in artful photographs in precisely these rooms. The artist often uses the places of placement to communicate a socially critical context - she calls on people to "look more closely". 




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